If you are a veteran or know of a veteran who needs assistance, get in touch with Peter Kawaja.


Since 1991 Peter Kawaja has personally supported/funded Veterans
who needed Food, Medical Supplies, Treatment, Transportation to VA, Housing
I can no longer sustain their needs on my own, if you really care
about helping veterans and getting those who can work to earn a decent wage.
The true Organic/Real AGWVA which I created in 1995 is registered with the USG,
Has a separate Bank Account under AGWVA - which funds really go to Veterans

 Please Support The Veterans Security Network.

AGWVA - P.O. Box 410676, Melbourne, Florida 32941

While we honor our veterans with holidays, parades, discounts at retail stores and restaurants, and endless political rhetoric about their sacrifice and bravery, we do a pitiful job of respecting their freedoms and caring for their needs once out of uniform.

Despite the fact that the U.S. boasts more than 20 million veterans who have served in World War II through the present day, the plight of veterans today is America’s badge of shame, with large numbers of veterans impoverished, unemployed, traumatized mentally and physically, struggling with depression, suicide, and marital stress, homeless, subjected to sub-par treatment at clinics and hospitals, and left to molder while their paperwork piles up within Veterans Administration offices.

Gulf War-era veterans now account for the largest share of all U.S. veterans, surpassing Vietnam-era veterans in 2016, according to Veterans Affairs’ 2016 population model estimates.
VA projections suggest the number of veterans will continue to decline in the coming decades. By 2045, the department estimates there will be around 12 million veterans, a roughly 40% decrease from current numbers. By that time, Gulf War-era veterans are projected to make up a majority of veterans, and most of those who served in the Vietnam era or earlier
will have died.  

Followed by mass deaths of Gulf War Veterans who have been struggling just to stay alive.

While we applaud the untold groups who do periodic fund raising events to provide food, shelter, and other necessities for Veterans, our motto and goal is as follows:  "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

Not because it's our job - but because its our responsibility

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